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Fuck Lara

Fuck Lara Damn her to hell
Ruinning a perfectly good evening.

Christ almighty, no shit the house is showing poorly. If you don't tell me people are coming and I don't clear up the mess I made looking for my con costume in the hallway, clearly its going to show poorly. Given the bathroom really did need clearing in the more neccessary way. the fridge smells like ass because I haven't been here near garbage day for 3 weeks beucas eI've been going home because family stuff, my grandpa, and my cousins are more fucking important than this crap-shack.
and she's trying to tell me that she didn't know about the mice thing. she said soemting about that when she set up that god-damn yardsale in may. and there is no way she's fucking blaming me for it.

and the words "monitor traps daily for 2 weeks" makes me want to slit my wrists. Why do you think I wanted to deal with stuff myself? So I didn't have her here in my face all the fucking time.

seriously I'm this close to packing up my shit and moving back home. At least there my mom has the right to treat me like a child. I stayed here this summer becuas eI tohught it would be easier. will I was shit out of luck. not only am I making half as much money as I would have working at the bbq, but I stayed here because I thought It would be too difficult to get to zellers from home. Well with lara coming over at 9 oclock on saturday morning without any fucking warning to show the fucking house I would have been better off staying at home, sleeping till ten and driving to get to work at the same bloody time. Fuck her. god she makes me angry.
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